Congratulations to our Photo Contest Winners!

1st: “Fractal Landscape” by Andralyn


2nd: “Geometric Flower” by Anderson  


3rd:  “Standing Stack” by Raine 


4th: “Fibonacci Sequence” by David  

Social Media Winner: “Standing Stack” by Raine 


1st Place: iPad Mini 

2nd Place: $300 gift card

3rd Place: $200 gift card

4th Place: $100 gift card

Social Media Winner: $50 gift card

A Misfit in a Castle by Raine

Beauty of Chance by Thomas

Chess- A Game of Endless Possibilities by Aryan

Circle of Elephants by Ava

Dialation Cupsation by Donminik

Fibonacci Sequence by David

Formula for the area of a circle 2.0 by Ayhan

Fractal Landscape by Andralyn

Geometric Flower by Anderson

Geometric Flower by Connor

Golden Jars by Elizabeth

Grandmother’s Garden but Anja

Lucky by Emma

Matryoshka Dolls by Joyce

Multiplication Skittles by Ambika

Mystical Coins Math and Money by Arya

Neon Origami Flower by Dylany

Parallel Trees by Felicia

Pi Pie by Ashwin

Pillows by Natalie

Shadows by Patrick

Shapes and Sizes by Anthony

Shapes in Nature by Pamela

Standing Stack by Raine

Symmetry by Madison


Download a Photo Contest Poster for your Classroom here



Photo Contest Details:

Well, what does photography have to do with math? Mathematics is all around us: your favorite NBA player’s stats, the technology in your mobile phone, the Fibonacci sequence in nature, the Golden Ratio in architecture… the list is endless! Look around and send us your math photos by April 6, 2018.

Winners will be announced on May 5, 2018.

Theme: Mathematics from your Perspective

Contest Deadline: April 6, 2018

The four best submissions will receive:

1st Place: iPad Mini

2nd Place: $300 gift card
3rd Place: $200 gift card
4th Place: $100 gift card

Plus: ONE winner from social media!  #mathcon2018 See below for details.


Tag us @       #mathcon2018


BONUS: Upload your photo to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #mathcon2018 to get the opportunity to win based on how many likes you receive! Share it with your friends!!



Eligibility Requirements:

  • Photo must be related to math concepts
  • Contestant must be in grades 5-12  (Students from all types of schools, including home-schooled students, are welcome to enter, and they do not have to be registered for MathCON Competition to submit photos)
  • International submissions are encouraged
  • No more than two photos per contestant
  • Students submitting photographs to the contest agree to a photo release

What to Submit:


  • High Resolution Image of 3MB-10MB, .jpg or .png format ONLY
  • Must be an original digital photo – please no doctored photos, no drawings, or designed graphics
  • Photo can be taken with any type of camera (iPhone, Android phone, iPad, digital camera).

Title & Description:

  • Give your photo a title along with a brief explanation (under 100 words) of what math concept your photo captures
  • Topics for photos include but are not limited to: the beauty and application of mathematics found in nature, the built environment, animals, sports, tech, architecture, geometric figures, the Fibonacci sequence, the Golden Ratio, mosaics, symmetries, numerical calculations, statistics, chance, reflections, playing with light, etc.

Contest Judging and Voting:

  1. A panel of judges from MathCON will choose the best photos and share them on our website, Facebook and Instagram each week on Friday until the contest ends.
  2. On April 7, 2018, final voting for the top four winners will begin on the MathCON website. You can vote for your favorite! (only one time please!!)
  3. Winners will be announced on May 5, 2018 at the MathCON finals competition and on our website.

Prizes will be awarded to five winners at the MathCON Finals Award Ceremony in Chicago on May 5, 2018, and the winning entries will be posted on the MathCON website. Winners do not need to be present to receive the prizes.

*If you do not have a Google account to submit your photo, please contact photo@mathcon.org.