Dear MathCON Finalists,


We apologize again for the inconvenience of last Saturday’s technical glitch in the testing portal.  


We have some great news! We have planned a flexible three-day schedule for the MathCON Finals test. You can now log into the Zoom waiting room to start the test at any of the designated days and times listed below:


For example, you can log into the Zoom waiting room at the latest 5:59 pm Central Time on Thursday evening and will have 100 minutes to take the test.


After being verified for attendance, you will be placed into the Zoom room where you will see the test instructions on the screen and start taking the test.


Click the button below for the Zoom link for all students for all three days for the MathCON Finals test:

Zoom Link for Testing

We will still have the activities, games, and entertainment on Saturday May 8, starting at 1:00pm Central Time and the Awards Ceremony at 2:30pm CT. Here is a link to the schedule of the day. 

You do not have to attend the Awards Ceremony – it will be recorded and posted here on the website. 


Thanks again for your continued support and participation!