Did Someone Say Pi?

History of #PiDay

Pi Day has finally arrived! BUT, what is Pi Day and why do we celebrate it?

Pi Day is the celebration of the fact that the first three numbers of pi are arranged perfectly in one particular March date!

Pi = 3 . 1 4

Date = 3 / 1 4 OR March 14

Celebration began in 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium when Larry Shaw organized the first Pi Day. They celebrated by parading around a circular space and eating fruit pie! Ever since then, different takes on the holiday have ensued.

These different observances include:

  • Throwing Pie
  • Pie Eating Contests
  • Pie Recitation Contests
  • Associating Pi Day with:
    • Pi’s Rival Number, Tau, at 6:28 PM (to observe both numbers equally)
    • Albert Einstein’s Birthday (since they occur on the same day)

How MathCON is Celebrating

As math fanatics here at MathCON, we are celebrating Pi Day in multiple ways! First, we want to give you the history of Pi Day, but we also are sharing a video we made in collaboration with another YouTuber! Math with Ayhan is back, but this time Pi Day themed!

Finals for MathCON is Coming Up on May 5 in Chicago! Register today for FREE! You don’t want to miss our celebrity guest star, Tom London – Tech Magician, and lots of fun mathematics (& tricks)!

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