MathCON Online Competition

Thank you for registering for MathCON! If you haven’t uploaded your student list yet, you can do so now using the login you created when you registered. (Forgot Your Password?)

Accessing Student Logins for Test

If you have already registered your student list, you will now be able to see student usernames and passwords in your admin account. You can find them by using the login you created when you registered. You will also be able to download the student usernames and passwords as an Excel file. Each student takes the test individually, not as a team.

Sample Tests for Students

Sample tests for students are now available! Students may log in with the credentials that are located in your admin account. Students must be registered and have a username/password assigned to them before they can take the sample tests.

Sample Tests for Students NOT taking the Scored Test

If you have a student who wants to take the sample test and not the scored test, upload the student name as if they were participating in the test and a username/password will be assigned.

How to Access the Online Test, Test Times

When your student is ready to take the Online test, he or she will be able to click the “Login” link located on the MathCON.org menu bar to get started. Testing begins January 19, 2021 until March 12, 2021 at 8 PM EST. The Online test is available to take 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Students are permitted to use a calculator for the entire online exam. Be sure that you have generated a login for your student  *note the student login is generated by the coordinator account.

Uploading more Students

Remember, you can upload as many students as you want! The student lists are not limited to one grade, one class, or one subject. You may add students up until the last day of testing. 

Still need to Pay?

If you have registered, but have not paid, you may do so by logging into your admin account with the username and password you set up when you registered. If you are paying by check or purchase order, please allow 7-14 days for processing. PayPal is instant and preferred if you wish to facilitate the test immediately. You cannot begin the test until payment has been processed.

Q. Do students take the Online test on the same date at the same time, or can they take it at home on their own?

A. The online testing window begins on January 19, and the test can be administered anytime until March 12, 2021. The test is available 24/7 and technical support is available from  8:00 am – 5:00 pm (CST) on weekdays.

We recommend you take all necessary testing security precautions you may have established as your school policy, such as using GoGuardian, Zoom, or Google Meet during the testing sessions. Individual registrants should be supervised by any parent/guardian during the testing.

Q. What grades can participate in the online competition?

A. 4th-12th Grades

Q. Is the school registration cost the only fee to participate in the Online Competition? How many students does that include?

A. Yes, the registration fee is the only cost. This fee includes an unlimited number of students from each school, but not district or network. Each school must register independently. All students can take the Online tests.

Q. Do I have to administer the test all at the same time?

A. Once a student is given their username and password, they will have access to both the practice test and final test. You can administer the test to your Student/Class/School at any time you choose. Please note all students DO NOT have to take the test at the same time. Once a student has their login information and the test is live, they have access to the test. 

Q. Is the test timed and what is the time limit?

A. The Online test will be timed: 45 minutes, 32 Online questions.

Q. Do we need to install any software to take the Online tests?

A. No software installation is required. The test is web-based. Students may use their iPads or Chromebooks to take the test.

Q. What is registration cost for a school?

A. Registration cost is $200.

Q. What is the registration cost for an individual student?

A. Registration cost for an individual student is $15.

Q: What types of payments do you accept?

A. Payments can be made with check, purchase order or credit card/PayPal until the date of testing. If the school is sending a check, please make sure to allow 7-14 days for processing of the check. If submitting a purchase order,  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD W-9 FORM FOR INVOICE PURPOSES.

Q. Why is there a registration fee and what is that money used for?

A. MathCON reaches out to students every year with 2 related goals: To contribute to their academics by challenging and entertaining them with more rigorous and insightful math problems, and to promote high-quality math education. Making money has never been, and never will be the goal. In fact, MathCON is organized by Concept Schools, a non-profit 501(c)(3). A registration fee is necessary in order to cover the expenses MathCON incurs by providing the prizes (for both the tests and the photo contests), awards, venue for the finals and award ceremony, special guest speaker, printed booklets, food, labor, system-software expenses, website maintenance, question pool creation, and more. We are doing our best to improve the quality of the organization by adding new components every year based on the feedback from the students, teachers, and the community. As much as we would love to make the registration free, this would not be a feasible solution for the survival of the MathCON competition in the upcoming years.

 Q.  Are students able to take the Online test using iPads and/or Chromebooks?

A. Yes, the students can take the test using iPads/Chromebooks. To take the Online test:

Please provide your students with the username and passwords you used to register.

The Online tests can be taken on iPad directly using the Safari browser, too.

Using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari, have them go to TAKE THE ONLINE TEST.

Have your students log in using their MathCON profile username and password.

The MathCON Online test has 32 multiple choice questions for each grade levels, 4-12.

Have your students proceed with answering the questions by selecting the best answer.

Attention: In case the Online test freezes after a student has started, the student should close the browser window and re-open it. When the student closes the browser window, he/she will not lose any answers because the system records the answer of each question when they click Next. When the student re-opens the test, the questions that are already answered will be marked blue. Note that the system will randomize the questions every time you open the test, so the questions will be in a different order.

 Q.  How do I register my students Online?

A. Click here to register your students Online. Use the username and password you created to log in. After you register your students, each student will receive a unique username and password that will be emailed to you.

 Q.  I forgot my password, what do I do?

A. Click here to reset your password and check your email for the reset password link.

Q. What is the Finals Competition?

A.  The Finals Competition is the event that occurs after all students have taken the Online test. Based on a student’s test score he/she may qualify to attend the Finals Competition which is an event including a math test and entertainment. Only the top 1% of students in 5th-12th grade qualify for the Finals. 

Q. When is the Finals Competition Event?


Q. My login information from last year doesn’t work, what do I do?

A. Please note every year testing coordinators/students need new login information to participate in MathCON. 2020 login credentials become void on August 1st when 2021 registration goes live.