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Watch MathCON 2019 Chicago Finals Video

MathCON Finals Released Items

MathCON Finals Sample Released Questions  

MathCON 2018, Our Best Year Yet!

With MathCON 2018 having come and gone, our team is reflecting on all of the hard work that was put in to the 10th annual national math competition. We are so proud to have hosted such brilliant, young minds, and with students traveling from as 

Spring into a Brain Teaser!

As we all enjoy Spring that is starting to slowly come back into our midst, we thought it would be fun to give you all some brain teasers! Some of you may be on vacation, home on break from school, or just enjoying the weekend…no 

Did Someone Say Pi?

History of #PiDay Pi Day has finally arrived! BUT, what is Pi Day and why do we celebrate it? Pi Day is the celebration of the fact that the first three numbers of pi are arranged perfectly in one particular March date! Pi = 3 

Another Math Competition?
I Don’t Know If Its for Me…

You may be asking yourself: “Why should I even participate in a mathematics competition?” The answer to this question is rather simple. Mathematics competitions exist to help improve the skills you already possess, and they help you practice those skills on a different level than 

The Numbers Behind Valentine’s Day <3

We’ve been thinking about all the hype that seems to surround Valentine’s Day. The one piece that never seems to be at the forefront of our minds, though, is the math behind the madness. Want to know the behind-the-scenes that we all subconsciously entertain, but 

Mathematics goes Viral!

Everyone has a different learning style. Some of us learn by doing, while others learn by observing or watching videos on YouTube (our preference)!  This blog post is all about the great YouTube channels that celebrate mathematics while giving YOU the opportunity to learn, and 

Welcome Our NEW Advisory Board!

This school year, MathCON has been established as its own organization with the goal to provide a more robust resource program for both students and teachers. The goal for MathCON is to continue to add to our resources and services that are available for our 

Have you heard of Mathopoly
(not to be confused with Monopoly)?

Because…our followers loved our “How to Win at Monopoly” post on Facebook so much, we wanted to share an even more math-related Monopoly called Mathopoly!    I had never heard of this game before now, but it’s definitely intriguing. I grew up loving the game