Become a MathCON Editorial Board Member

We are actively seeking content contributors to write quality questions for our MathCON sample tests, as well as for the online testing competition beginning.  Upon review of the submitted questions by the MathCON Governing Board, a select number of these questions will be chosen for the final MathCON written test in Chicago.

We are offering a stipend for content contributors, to be determined based on submission content quantity and quality, as well as the following:

  1. A member of our nationally acclaimed MathCON Editorial Board
  2. Cited on our website as a published Content Contributor
  3. Cited in our MathCON program booklet & a special announcement at the awards ceremony during the Finals in Chicago, Ill.

Content Expectations: To submit between 10-50 questions, for grades 5-12

Further questions can be directed to the MathCON committee: contact@mathcon.org

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Thank you in advance for your consideration!


Editorial Board Members

Chantel Mijo

Pasco Hernando State College

Adjunct Instructor, Developmental Mathematics

Chantel Mijo got her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and worked as an engineer for over three years, using math to solve real-world problems. She then switched to the education sector, first as a freelance tutor and now sharing her love of mathematics and problem solving with students at Pasco-Hernando State College, where she has been an instructor since 2014. She helps students who have a history of struggling with and disliking math to see that exploring math can be a creative and satisfying experience. Chantel’s wide range of interests includes not only mathematics but physics, linguistics, and cognition. In her free time, she enjoys creating puzzles and games to entertain her friends.

Ayhan Caputlu

Concept Schools, MathCON

Director of Mathematics Education

Ayhan Caputlu has a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics and a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership. He is currently the Director of Mathematics Education for Concept Schools. Around high school is when he decided that he wanted to become a math teacher because he had an amazing teacher who treated students as individuals whose ideas and opinions mattered. That teacher helped him realize that he could make a difference in other peoples’ lives. Now, he has 15 years of teaching experience in grades 6-12, he has experience publishing 3 math textbooks for High School Mathematics, and currently has been with Concept Schools for 9 years.

In those 9 years, he became the mastermind behind MathCON, a nationwide popular math competition for students grades 5-12. He also helps the teachers with their students, visit schools, prepares practice tests for the students, organizes math events, and more. The more he learns about math education, the more he finds that it’s the place for him. As an educator, he also feels that sharing his lifelong love of learning with his students has been a great accomplishment. Many students go to his class thinking math is “okay” or “alright”, but soon they develop a love for the subject.

Richard Spence

Arizona University, Computer Science

PhD Student

A* Math Instructor (since 2012)
M.S. Program, Computer Science, U. of Arizona (expected 2018)
Double Major in Math and Computer Science, MIT (2016)
USAMO qualifier (2010)
MathCounts National qualifier 2007, 2008
National “Who Wants to be a Mathematician” qualifier (2011-2012)
Perfect score on AMC 10 (2009)
National Scrabble Championship – Div. 2 (2011: Winner)