All Eyes on Aiman and MathCON

Recently, 13-year-old YouTuber EyeOnAiman posted two videos about MathCON. His channel has 6,700 subscribers and 1.5 million channel views, which means all those eyes are on Aiman and MathCON.

Aiman tells of his experience at MathCON, telling viewers that he received honorable mention and his friend, Hizami, won silver. Aiman’s enthusiasm for MathCON is strong, saying “Even if I didn’t win, it’s still an honor to come to MathCON because if you are in MathCON that means you are at the top or the elite of 50,000 people.

Aiman’s excitement and humility as a 7th grader will inspire many to join the competition. His second video gives an overview of the events at MathCON 2017 to show next year’s participants what to expect when they compete.

EyeOnAiman encourages other students to embrace technology and math, even at a young age. He started his YouTube channel at 8 years old and his page invites the masses to “join his journey to adulthood… and find out what he will become in the future.” Certainly many will tune in to watch this clever kid transform into an exceptional adult.


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