Math in Photography:

MathCON’s 2020 Photo Contest,

“Practical Mathematics.”

We are so excited to announce that MathCON will again be hosting a photo contest along with the MathCON 2020 Competition! 

If you are a student between the 4th and 12th grade you are eligible to join in the fun! Mathematics is all around us: Your favorite NBA player’s stats, the technology in your mobile phone, the Fibonacci sequence in nature, the Golden Ratio in architecture..the list is endless! Look around, and send us your math photo until March 2, 2020.

The theme of the photo contest for this year is “Practical Mathematics.”  Math can be practical, it’s all around us! We want you to show us where you see it in your day to day life. You might stage these photos, but you also might see something mathmatical on your way to school! 

As you set out to take the perfect math inspired photo, here are some things to look into and keep in mind:

  • TAG US! Be sure to tag @themathcon on Instagram, @MathCON on Twitter, and @MathCON on Facebook and ALWAYS use #mathconphoto2020
  • Use hashtags and promote your picture in your social media storys 
  • Description! This year we want to see you describe how your photo relates to math. Tell us if the photo relates specifically to a math theory or formula! 
  • The Mathematics of Digital Photography
  • The Rule of Thirds


If there is a piece of math and photography that you’re excited about, let us know in the comments below or by using the hashtag #mathcon2020 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Now go grab a camera (or smartphone) and see what cool shots you can capture!