Pick the 2018 MathCON Photo Contest
Social Media Winner!

Join the MathCON team in choosing our Social Media Winner by voting in our MathCON 2018 Photo Contest! Head over to our Instagram and/or Facebook to vote for the photo you believe captures ‘Mathematics from your Perspective’! All you have to do is like ONE of them, that’s it! Pretty simple, right?! To help you out, we will showcase some of them, and just maybe you’ll find the one you like!

“Lucky” by Emma.

I found this four leaf clover in my yard along with 17 others. According to research, it is a one in five thousand chance of finding one. I guess our yard defies those odds.



“Multiplication Skittles” by Ambika.

This is a picture of skittles that are arranged in a certain way to make them look like a multiplication table. It is also very colorful and vibrant which gives it a good look for math. The picture is also taken from an angle, to show that not everything needs to be straight and in-line in order for it to look beautiful. Just like skittles, just like people, just like math. Math comes in all sorts of directions and uses millions of numbers, and they are all different, yet alike.



“Mystical Coins: Math and Money” by Arya.

A stunning image captured of an organized coin collection in the glistening sunlight. This image demonstrates the mathematical concepts of organization, money, patterns, angles, shadows, and reflection. It fully captures how math is essential to our daily life, for we use money everyday.



“Circle of Elephants” by Ava.

Math is an elephant’s two ears, one trunk, four feet, many members of their herd, few babies, 50 gallons of water a day, 12-18 hours eating, 200-600 lbs of food per day, and one heart. Math is the circle mothers make to protect their babies, and the arcs of water made when playing in a puddle. Math is everywhere and connects everything.


The photos pictured above are only 4 of 25 photos on MathCON’s Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to head over and VOTE! We wish you all the best of luck!

R U L E S !

Vote for your favorite photo in our #MathCON2018 Photo Contest, ‘Mathematics from your Perspective’, by liking ONE photo on Facebook and/or liking ONE photo on Instagram, @themathcon!

Voting ENDS May 1, 2018 at 5:00 PM EST! Votes from Facebook and Instagram will be combined. The photo with the most votes is our social media winner and will receive a $50 Amazon gift card!

1st-4th place and our social media winner will be announced at MathCON Finals on May 5. Be sure to watch our social media for the announcement as well!


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