The Numbers Behind Valentine’s Day <3

We’ve been thinking about all the hype that seems to surround Valentine’s Day. The one piece that never seems to be at the forefront of our minds, though, is the math behind the madness. Want to know the behind-the-scenes that we all subconsciously entertain, but never materialize? Let’s look at this holiday from a mathematical perspective.

This year American consumers are expected to spend a whopping $19.6 billion on gifts for Valentine’s Day! This means, on average, consumers are expected to spend about $143 per person this year according to the National Retail Federation, NRF.

We know exactly what you’re thinking, then: what does the average person spend that money on? To satisfy your curiosity (and for some last-minute gift ideas), check out the infographic below!

For more fun Valentine’s Day Mathematics like the Kissing Number, visit http://www.mathscareers.org.uk/article/valentines-day-mathematics/!

Leave us a reply with your suggestions on more blog topics, and what more you want to know about mathematics! Also, what did you get your ‘sweetheart’ for Valentine’s Day? <3

Happy Valentine’s Day from MathCON!

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