Weekly Practice Tests

Students must be registered and have a username/password assigned to them before they can take the online Weekly Practice Tests.

There are 16 Weekly Practice Tests.

Weekly Practice Tests are released every Monday starting on September 12 for grades 4–12.

Each Weekly Practice Test is a 16-question, multiple choice exam consists of the following topics:

  • Algebra (4 questions)

  • Combinatorics (4 questions)

  • Geometry (4 questions)

  • Number Theory (4 questions)

Weekly Practice Test questions are arranged by difficulty levels:

  • 3 Points (4 questions)

  • 5 Points (8 questions)

  • 7 Points (4 questions)

Maximum score for a Weekly Practice Test is 150 points.

There is no time limit for the Weekly Practice Tests.

Students do not lose any points for wrong or unanswered answers.

Students may retake the test as many times as needed.

Students may use calculator on the test.

Students are recommended to take online Weekly Practice Tests before taking the Online Test.

Weekly Practice Tests are open until May 31, 2023.


2023 Weekly Practice Test Start
WEEK 1 12-Sep-22
WEEK 2 19-Sep-22
WEEK 3 26-Sep-22
WEEK 4 3-Oct-22
WEEK 5 10-Oct-22
WEEK 6 17-Oct-22
WEEK 7 24-Oct-22
WEEK 8 31-Oct-22
WEEK 9 7-Nov-22
WEEK 10 14-Nov-22
Thanksgiving Break 21-Nov-22
WEEK 11 28-Nov-22
WEEK 12 5-Dec-22
WEEK 13 12-Dec-22
Christmas Break 19-Dec-22
Christmas Break 26-Dec-22
WEEK 14 2-Jan-23
WEEK 15 9-Jan-23
WEEK 16 16-Jan-23