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Are your students passionate about numbers, puzzles, and problem-solving? Do they thrive on mathematical challenges and love exploring the mysteries of equations? If so, we have exciting news for you!

🔢 Introducing the MathCON Club 🔢

MathCON Club is a dynamic and engaging community where math enthusiasts like your students can come together to celebrate the beauty of mathematics. Whether they are a seasoned mathlete or someone who simply finds joy in numbers, this club offers a platform to learn, collaborate, and excel in the world of math. MathCON Club is active from October through January with access to brand new material no one in MathCON has seen before!


Why Join MathCON Club?

🌟 Explore Mathematical Wonders: Dive into the fascinating realm of mathematical concepts, from algebraic equations to mind-bending puzzles.

🧠 Enhance Problem-Solving Skills: Sharpen your critical thinking abilities and develop strategies to conquer even the most complex math challenges.

🤝 Connect with Peers: Meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for math. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.

🏆 Prepare for MathCON Competition: Prepare to participate in the renowned MathCON competition, where you’ll have the chance to showcase your skills on a broader stage.

📚 Access Resources: Gain access to a treasure trove of math resources, study materials, and practice sessions that will elevate your mathematical prowess.


Benefits for only MathCON Club members:

  • 2 Full-length review tests (32 questions each)
    • 1st Review Test: After Weekly Practice Tests 1 – 8
    •  2nd Review Test: After Weekly Practice Tests 9 – 16
  • Weekly math activities
    • October through January
    • Puzzles, games, extra problems, and more!
  • School/ Center logo on MathCON Club Webpage
    • Please send us your school logo after you have finished registering
  • Invitation to MathCON’s first Kahoot Contest
    • Online in December
  • Priority access to game sign-ups at MathCON Finals
  • School/ Center Recognition at MathCON Finals


Ready to embark on this mathematical journey? 

Joining the MathCON Club is as easy as π!

Registration for MathCON Club is available for $45 when you register for MathCON’s 1st Round Online Test! 

The MathCON Club is open to schools and learning centers across the US and Canada, with a membership fee of $45. When registering for the first round of the MathCON Online Test, simply choose the MathCON Club option to finalize your registration.


Proud MathCON Club Members

📍Blanchester, OH
📍Plymouth, MI
Blanchester CREC East Middle School
📍Fruita, Colorado
📍St. Louis, Missouri
📍Houston, Texas
Fruita Middle School Gateway Science Academy South Horizon Leadership Academy
📍Indianapolis, Indiana
📍Oak Brook, Illinois
📍Warren, Michigan
Indiana Math and Science Academy (IMSA) - Main Mathnasium May be a graphic of text that says 'MATH M MATH AND SCIENCE SCIENCE ( MMSA 月 DEQUINDRE'
📍Granger, Indiana
  Northpoint Elementary