MathCON Finals

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MathCON was founded in 2008 in Chicago, IL as a regional competition and has since grown into a nationally recognized organization.

STUDENTS: 250,000

MathCON has grown to 250,000 total student participants with 52,000 participants last year.

GRADES: 4-12

MathCON is open to all students in grades 4-12, including public, charter, private and home schooled students.

LOCATION: Illinois

MathCON headquarters are at the Concept Schools Central Office.


2500 schools registered for MathCON nationwide, including public, charter and private schools this year!


Last year, MathCON had students participate from all 50 states, and from Canada.

MathCON is ready for you!


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I was wondering if there was going to be a MathCON competition again this year, and if so will there be one this Spring? Our students LOVED the competition and I would love to have a few this year!
Cassie Green, Distinctive Schools, Chicago
MATHCON did a great job in energizing students, creating an excellent competitive environment, and recognizing best students and best schools. Your competition builds excitement about mathematics. Every one at our school wants to participate in MathCON next year.
Sofia Vaksman, Teacher & Math Club Advisor Middlesex County Academy, Edison NJ
A chance to compete with students from across the country!
I felt that having students qualify for the Finals in Chicago was the most rewarding. Especially since over 45,000 students participated nationwide!
Seeing the excitement on my student’s faces when they realized they were “competitors” and “mathletes”
Recognizing the students that put themselves out there to compete.
The most rewarding part was meeting all the different kids and being able to talk to the different teachers. We had time to ask what kind of schools and programs that these students were involved in that participated in the MathCON finals.