• School admin, math department head, or any math teacher can register the school for MathCON and become the MathCON Coordinator in the building.(Payment can be made later)
  • When the school is registered, the MathCON Coordinator in the building can share the same username and password with other interested math teachers. Once they have the username/password, teachers can add their students (either their entire class or selected students) to the MathCON Online Test portal, and students can start studying their practice tests and take the online test when the testing window opens in January.
  • Teachers can add/upload as many students as they want until the last week of online testing on March 2022.
  • School registration includes an unlimited number of student registrations for the first round of MathCON Online tests.
  • Schools can choose to register students individually. For example, if the school registers 10 students, they may do so using the same link above for $15 per student.
  • Parents/guardians may also register their students as individual participants. 
  • For more information about registration, click here



  • Payments can be made with a check or credit card.
  • Check needs to be processed before schools start adding/uploading their students to the MathCON portal and have access to MathCON Practice Tests.
  • If the school has registered but has not paid, they may log back into their admin account with the username and password they set up during registration and make a payment anytime. 
  • If paying by check or purchase order, please allow 7-14 days for processing.
  • If submitting a Purchase Order, please CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD W-9 FORM FOR INVOICE PURPOSES.


Testing Time Frame & Location

  • The First Round of MathCON Competition, an online test, will be available to students between January 17th and March 4th.


Adding Students/Uploading Student List

  • With the school username and password, teachers can register their students and log back in anytime to add/delete more students.
  • Student lists can be either added individually or uploaded using the MathCON Excel template provided upon registration.
  • Each student will be assigned a unique username and password when they are registered and will have access to MathCON Practice Tests.

Testing Results

  • When the students complete the online test, they will see their scores and certificates instantly.
  • Students can log back in to print their certificates. 




  • School registration includes an unlimited number of student registrations for the MathCON Online Test and the first 4 (out of 16) MathCON Weekly Practice are included in the price.
  • Students can access practice tests through the MathCON Portal.



  • This price includes individual registration and the first 4 (out of 16) MathCON Weekly Practice Tests.
  • These practice tests can be accessed through the MathCON Portal, once students log in with their username/password.



  • Students who qualify for MathCON Finals Competition test will be invited to MathCON Finals Tests on 4/30/2022 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL

For more registration pricing information, click here