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MathCON 2017

MathCON 2017 Online Test results are now available!

MathCON Supervisors can log in to their admin account to see if any of their students are among MathCON champions and qualifies to compete at the MathCON 2017 Chicago Finals and confirm the students’ participation by Wednesday, March 22, 2017 6PM Central Time.

Finalists are the top 576 students out of 49,685 contestants nationwide.

Congratulations to everyone who participated this year!

MathCON National Finals will be held at the University of Illinois in Chicago on Saturday, April 22, 2017. 

Please note that MathCON is not able to provide transportation or hotel accommodations to participating students. Lunch will be provided.






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• When the students take the online tests, they are instantly scored and those scores are automatically uploaded to our website. At the end of the online test, all students will be awarded with “MathCON 2017 Participation Certificate” that they can save to their computers and then print.
• Student test scores and ranking within the school will be sent to teachers within one week.
• Qualifying students from each grade levels (Grade 5 through Grade 12) will be invited to the MathCON Finals which will be held in University of Illinois at Chicago on April 22, 2017 for a paper-based test.
• Tie breaker for Online Test Ranking
In case there are numerous students with the same cut off score, students who complete the test earlier will advance to the Chicago Finals• Tie breaker for Paper Based Test Ranking
• The paper-based test has 50 questions and the maximum weighted score is 300. • The paper-based test has 50 questions and the maximum weighted score is 300. If there is a tie based on the weighted score of the paper-based test, the student with more correct answers out of 50 questions will be placed first.
The MathCON online test questions require ingenuity and insight, but little technical knowledge beyond grade level mathematics and includes problems of varying degree of difficulty that enables all students to be equally challenged.
MathCON FINALS, APRIL 22, 2017
For a paper based test, qualifying students from each of these grade levels will be invited to the Finals which will be held in
UIC Forum, 725 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, on April 22, 2017.
Individuals and classroom teams from charter schools, private schools, and public schools are eligible to compete in MathCON.